Friday, July 17, 2009


Popular New Trend ...
Birthday Bash for your Loyal Friend!

More and more dog-owners are treating their beloved pets to a birthday celebration.
Magnum, our 7.5-pound miniature pinscher, celebrated his 8th birthday this past April.
He is a family member to us and we wanted to make him the STAR of his
special day!

A large sign is made to honor Magnum and guests sign and leave messages for Magnum to have as a souvenir of his special day!

Guests were invited and asked to bring their 4-legged guests.
Each dog-owner received a goodie-bag for themselves (loot bag for human... candies, games, cookies) and each doggie went home with a treat-bag filled with edible goodies and toys.

We had games/contests that included drawing the birthday-boy, unscrambling letters to spell words relating to Magnum and fetch games. Doggies won prizes, as well as the human counterparts!

No party is complete without great food... for EVERYBODY!
A delicious feast was spread out for the dog-owners, including BBQ chicken drumsticks, Scooby-Doo pasta, bone-shaped sandwiches and Chex Mix!

At the same time, a doggie-buffet is set-up outside with bowls and bowls of organic goodies for our little friends. Most importantly, an abundance of water bowls to keep our doggies fresh & hydrated!

No party would be complete without a SWEET TABLE!
Cupcakes with dog paws, bone-shaped birthday cake for humans to eat, doggie-cake made of peanut-butter, resembling a fire-hydrant for the doggies and a chocolate fondue!

Doggie wipes are also recommended, as well as an area laid out with blankets and tons of squeaky toys, balls and stuffed animals.


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