Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding Gifts - The Perfect Gift Ideas for the New Couple

The perfect wedding gifts...
Here are my Top 5:

#1: Money is without a doubt, a gift that most people could use. Because weddings usually rack up a big bill, a money gift is a great way to help the couple in their financial start to a new life together. How much should you tuck away in that wedding card? Consider the venue and the level of cuisine. Ideally, you should at least cover your food and drinks.

#2: Want to give them something other than money? Couples should surely continue the celebration and have some quiet time to relax after all the wedding planning as well as to have a night to remember. Great gift idea: a night in a luxurious hotel room, with champagne, of course! Do check with parents or maid-of-honor before booking!

#3: Extra Sweet Honeymoon Details. Give the new couple gifts to make their honeymoon extra special and memorable. Perhaps a gift certificate to a great restaurant at their destination, a camera to capture all the memories, money tucked inside a guide book, a certificate for a spa, or my favourite, a surprise UPGRADE on their flights.... of course to be a surprise when they arrive at the airport!

#4: The Big Gift on the Gift Registry. Usually the bigger gifts on the couple's registry are gifts that they don't think they will actually receive. If your budget allows, get them the gift they really need and want and if you need some help, get a few others to contribute into a group gift.
This will be so appreciated.

#5: A Timeless Piece. Something that will stand the test of time and be with the couple forever is a great idea for a sentimental and different gift. Whether it is a piece of antique furniture, a crystal vase, or their invitation is a beautiful frame, this gift is sure to bring back wonderful memories and make the couple think, "That's the vase Vanessa gave us for our wedding:.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Helpful Wedding Planning Tips

Please help yourself to my very helpful wedding planning tips on my new website.
Great tips you never even thought about.
Tips that I discovered and created while planning events over the years.

My new site offers lots of advice not only on wedding and event planning tips, but I share with you all my fantastic finds. Check it out!

2010 Wedding Dresses from Top Bridal Gown Designers

Take a look at the newest
2010 wedding dresses on the bridal show runways.
So many gorgeous styles for all different styles of brides.
Sexy bride, romantic bride, glamorous bride, modern, minimal and all out show-stoppers.
The Knot has a great display of these 2010 beauties.

For the glamorous bride, this is a big winner (below). Love it! So far, my favourite for 2010!

Rita Wong Events

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Choosing your maid- or matron-of-honor should be done with careful thought and consideration for what the task entails.

First, if the lady (or guy!) you are choosing is single, then they are considered a maid-of-honor.
If she (he) is married, they are your matron-of-honor.

Secondly, there is no rule that this title be a family member.

This title is one that is give to someone who you love, loves you and whom you trust to help you not only on your wedding day, but to be there at very single step of the wedding planning.

Take a look at for help in choosing the right candidate, and also for a guide in what to expect in terms of your role as the maid/matron of honor.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding Night Lingerie

Make sure you're prepared with the sexy, stunning and sweet lingerie from Victoria Secret's very affordable wedding collection.

From lacy to strappy, these looks will make you feel so sexy and sure to please your new hubby!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Red Velvet Cupcakes are your perfect choice for a very romantic and delicious wedding cake.
Who else but the best cupcake maker, MAGNOLIA BAKERY to offer the secret recipe.

Try the recipe yourself and surprise your sweetheart tonight with this ultra-romantic gesture, he is sure to love!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Skin Care Regimen for Pre-Wedding

You've got to shine and have flawless skin on your big day!
NOW, girls, is the time to start. Not only will you look refreshed and beautiful, but you will have adopted a healthy new habit!

Don't know where to start with all the steps such as exfoliating, toning, moisturizing...etc.?
The Knot offers great advice on how to get the perfect glow and healthy skin!

Rita: 514.816.7482

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding Cookie Favors

I LOVE cookies. You probably do too!

For a tasty and pretty wedding favor that everyone will love, give wedding cookies to your guests.
Cookies can be custom-made to match your style and decor, as well, can be monogrammed to give it that personalized touch.

Look at these cute ideas:

Another great use for cookies - cookies instead of placecards with guests names on them.

There are cookie-makers in Montreal who make wedding cookies that not only look beautiful but is just as yummy!

Rita Wong Events 514.816.7482

Cookies Pictures Source:

Friday, November 20, 2009

For the GUYS... Planning the Perfect Wedding Proposal

You have found the DREAM GIRL, the girl you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with.

Now, you must plan the perfect wedding proposal. Here are a few guidelines & helpful tips for you aspiring grooms!

- Think about the TIMING: If your future bride will want a FALL wedding, make sure there is enough time between the proposal date and the wedding date to plan the wedding. (If you ask her on Valentine's Day, a Fall wedding will only leave you 6-7 months of planning).

- Public or Private Proposal? She may thrilled having all her family and friends around when you pop the question, but she may also prefer a more private moment that is just for the two of you.

- Proposal Planner - YES, this service does exist. This is a great service for guys who really need help to find a special and unique way to propose to their special partner. Many wedding planners offer this help by helping to pick out the perfect diamond, where and when to pop the big question and of course, what to say!

- Choose the right place! What places have meaning for the two of you? A first-date restaurant? Where you first met? Make sure ou have champagne ready at home after the big question!

- Ask permission? Some girls are old fashioned and will swoon at the idea of you asking her parents for their blessing. This will score you huge points with her mom & dad too! :) It is respectful and sincere.

GOOD LUCK & Congratulations!

Rita: 514.816.7482

Welcoming your Out-of-Town Guests

Weddings are events that bring together all your loved ones near and far.
Most wedding celebrations will include guests, family and friends, from out-of-town.
The bride and groom, and their respective families will surely want to take care of these people the best they can and thank them for their presence.

Here are some ways to make your guests feel welcome and have a great time:

- Make a list of your out-of-town guests that you would like to invite and send them a Save-the-Date card or notice once you have set the date. The sooner they know when the wedding will be the more preparation time they have.

- For these guests, make sure to include a map of the area and all the places around the ceremony & reception venues.

- Make a list of hotels that you recommend, but make sue to include a few different price ranges. Call the hotels in advance and ask for a special wedding group rate. When guests mention the wedding group title, they will receive the special rate. Include this information in your invite.

- When you know where your guests are staying, prepare welcome baskets to be delivered to their hotel room upon their day of arrival. Include sweet and savory snacks, bottled water and a welcome note.

- Make a list of activities for your guests to enjoy, such as restaurants, cafes, shopping, landmarks...

- If time allows, schedule an out-of-towner lunch or dinner so you may spend time with them before the wedding Alternatively, you may also have a wedding-day-after brunch to thank guests and say farewell.

For ideas on welcome wedding packages and help on caring for guests:
Rita: 514.816.7482

Have a blast!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

KABANA Restaurant... Everything you need.

Dinner last night at Kabana was just PERFECT.
This gorgeous new supperclub is the newest addition to the Med, Cavalli, Primadonna, Bice, Otto group.

Each restaurant from this group has always offered the top in food, service, entertainment and ambiance. Kabana is no exception.

Located in the beautiful Quartier Dix 30, here in Brossard, it is definitely the new gem of the South Shore.

My husband, TODDY FLORES, resident DJ at Med for more than 6 years and dedicated DJ for this supperclub group for over 10 years is the Thursday night DJ now at Kabana.

After a few drinks at my home, 2 minutes away, my friends and I decided to check out Kabana on a Wednesday night.

What a great time we had. The ambiance as gorgeous as when we saw it at the Opening party last month, service was very attentive and the food was just impeccable. Creative and tasty, the perfect meal.

We all had different entrees. I had the meatballs that are so moist and juicy from the braising.
Topped with goat cheese and crispy eggplant chip.

Then, I had the Chilean sea bass. (Picture didn't come out)
Light, flaky and so delicious.

Then, to die for.... Check out these mini doughnuts with the caramel, chocolate and strawberry sauce. Giorgio Damiani, you spoil us always!

This heavenly cheesecake dessert was also light, airy and so flavorful.
Fresh and dreamy.

Then, an assortment of sorbet for us to taste and to clean off the palate for our special coffees.

The prices are so reasonable for such a beautiful place.
Top quality in everything offered.
A one-stop shop for ambiance, dinner and dancing.

This venue is also a perfect choice for corporate events, wedding rehearsal dinners, birthdays, any special celebration.

Do check it out.

Thank you, KABANA, Dix 30 for giving me a place in the South Shore to dine and party in STYLE!

No kiddies, please....

How to kindly but clearly let your guests know that kids are not invited to the reception...

Many brides and grooms are choosing not to include kids in their wedding reception.
For many reasons, wedding receptions are favoring adult-only attendance.

To avoid the uncertainty and uneasiness, here are very clear but polite ways to get your point across:

In your invitation, include these words and phrases to the bottom of your RSVP card:

  • Adult Reception
  • We hope that the (# of) of you will be able to join us
  • (# of) seats have been reserved in your names
Tuck those little ones in and have a great night!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Check out this wedding shoe from designer Jean-Michel Cazabut.
I love, love, love it!

Creative Wedding Entrances

One of the best ways to start the reception off with a bang and get everyone excited is to have a fun and unexpected entrance.

One that always makes me smile is a church entrance on You Tube.

Baptism Celebration

My beautiful god-daughter's baptism was this past Sunday and it was a simply special and happy day. Loving family and friends were there to celebrate and share in the joy.

Courtesy of Rita Wong Events, Madeleine cakes were set at each place-setting...
My god-daughter's name is Madeleine, so Madeleines by Madeleine for everyone!

Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a great way to keep your guests up to date with all the details of your wedding. Especially if you have many out-of-town guests, you may want to use the website to include information about the hotel suggestions, directions to church, reception venue and other venues for wedding festivities. This tool will help you save on costs as well, as you will save money on printing costs .

A great wedding website to try out is
Great selection of templates, many sections to offer info and bet of all.. free to use!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Racy Read - Tips on Great Wedding Night Sex

Do check out this article from Fox News on tips to having great wedding night sex!,2933,540385,00.html

Pets in your Wedding Party

Would you or are you including your pet in your special day?
Weddings are one of the most special moments in our lives, and as with all the memorable times in our lives, we want all our loved ones to be included.
I made sure my little dog, Magnum was with us on our wedding day and it wouldn't have been complete without him.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Dresses in Blockbuster Movies

Take a look at the most gorgeous movie wedding dresses!
Who can forget Carrie's wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood in the Sex and the City movie, or the Vera Wang dress Kate Hudson wore in Bride Wars.

These dresses are enough to make you want to get married! :)

Spring 2010 Wedding Dresses by Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is definitely one of my favourite wedding dress designers.
Check out her bridal line for Spring 2010. From Trumpet dresses, to A-Line to Ball Gowns, she designs dresses for all brides. Just breath-taking!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jay Z - the New Wedding DJ


Jay Z plans to expand his resume and be your wedding (or Bar Mitzvah) DJ.
This article is a must read!

MAC's Do-the-Trick Buff & Line Brushes

For the best application, the secret is in the tools you use to make it all happen. MAC's Do-the-Trick Buff & Line Brushes is the answer!
These brushes, if bought separately are close to $200. Grab it NOW for $58 CDN, $49 USD. Going FAST!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sephora's Collectors' Edition 2009

Sephora's Collectors' Edition is everything you need to recreate your look over and over again and be ready for any occasion. An all-in-one compact that opens to reveal a huge huge selection of eyeshadow shades, blushes, lip glosses and powders on stackable sliding trays. $400 USD value for $62 CDN, $48 USD.

A MUST for every girl who loves to play with different looks!