Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach Wedding Favor Idea

Tropical, fun and conveniently holds sweet treats for your guests to take home.

Great little detail to compliment your beach-theme wedding!

Pretty palm tree box measures 5.5″ high x 3.5″ wide. Great for little candies or small trinkets!

Affordable idea under $2.50!



Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Different Take on the WEDDING CAKE

Doughnuts... Who doesn't like doughnuts!

Such a FUN twist and your wallet will thank you.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Presentation is Everything!

No matter what your favor is, how you package it is the key to a WOW-favor.

Look at these gorgeous favor box ideas. These linen-look Italian boxes come in any color to match any color scheme. Finish it off with a satin ribbon (in the color of your choice) and you have the prettiest little package. Great for truffles, candies or little favors. They measure 2″x2″x2″. Great things come in little packages, especially gorgeous little packages!

These 3″x3″x3″ boxes are a touch of elegance. Fill them with anything from candy-covered almonds to chocolate or any beautiful little gift to remember the day by. Why not personalize with monogram or initials!


Personalized Chocolate Truffles

Send your guests home with a cute reminder of the newly married couple.

Square or heart-shaped chocolate truffles with any image, whether a picture of the bride and groom, your monogram or something to represent your theme :)

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate… under $2.50 and bulk discount for orders of 150 or more!



Sunday, July 11, 2010

Asian-Inspired Wedding Favor

Great & AFFORDABLE idea for Asian-inspired wedding FAVOR! Gourmet truffle, dipped in choice of toppings (pecan, walnut, chocolate snow, iced sugar, coconut or double chocolate chip), laid on a Chinese spoon and beautifully wrapped in crisp cellophane. Finished with a pretty personalized tag to match your wedding color scheme :) Great favor idea for under $2.50!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Winter Wedding

Fellow Montrealers.... in the middle of this HEAT WAVE, I am sitting at my desk, trying not to melt and daydreaming of WINTER and WINTER WEDDINGS.

In my daydream, the first thing I see is my beautiful satin white dress and the luxurious fur trim.
My bouquet would be delicate but chic.

Table centerpieces are tall and magnificent

The little silver containers with small blooms would be scattered around the cocktail area, where I would have an all white lounge with silver accents.

For favors, these beautiful and yummy brownie pops would be presented on shiny silver platters

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Special Ladies in David's Bridal Dresses

As promised, here is a peek at the gorgeous ladies dressed in David's Bridal at me and Toddy's wedding. Styles to flatter any figures!

Thank you, girls. Love you always!

MAID-OF-HONOR... My girl who is always there,
Mylene DuPaul


My sister, looking so lovely,

My sister-in-law, my sweet

My sister-friend and partner-in-crime,

My cousin who always has my heart,

And, of course,
Flowergirl and my beautiful niece,

Thank you again, Mylene, Carole, Cherry, Carla, Kelly & Vanessa for being the best sisters, cousins, nieces and sister-friends ever and for helping make our day so special!

Readers, be kind to your girls who are there to support and love you on your very precious day!



David's Bridal for Your Ladies

David's Bridal is a must-see for brides when selecting dresses for the special ladies in their wedding party. Affordable and very helpful, as you can search by style and color.

They have every color under the sun and great news.... they ship to CANADA, which means, shipping the dresses will not break the bank and your ladies will surely appreciate that :)

Start your search by color and see what styles they have. Short, long, slim-fitting, A-line...
The selections are endless.

You have my own personal attestation for David's Bridal. See my next post for my beautiful ladies at my own wedding, all dressed-up in David's Bridal.



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Slim Down Diet that's EASY and will get you in that Wedding Dress!

Almost every bride wants to watch her diet and be more active to look her best for her wedding day. Some brides got to major extremes and deprive themselves of the foods they love for the many months leading up to their wedding day.

Here is an easy and healthy way of eating that is tasty and a plan you can follow for life and never gain any weight back. Check it out!

World's Healthiest Diet....


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding Day Pictures - Look Your BEST!

Ladies... these are the pictures you will show off for the rest of your lives, so make it good!

Your photographer will guide you into certain poses, but sometimes, when it's not natural, it just doesn't work.

Find a photographer you are comfortable with and have fun with him/her.

Here are a few other tips to remember so you look relaxed, pretty and taut!

  • Push your face towards the camera. Pretend you're a turtle, sticking your head out of the shell. This tightens the skn under the chin, reducing double chins and making you look young and fresh. Practice, practice, practice!
  • Hands are a concern for everybody. What to do with them? Forget about it and focus on your face. Just let them hang at your sides, but fingers slightly curled and not straight. Rotate hands so thumbs are towards the camera instead of the back of your hands. For guys... a slightly more relaxed look is to hook your thumbs into your pockets or into your belt. You can also put your hand in your pocket, but leave the thumb out and pointing down instead of across your waist.
  • Smile with your EYES! This is the most important place to smile. Without the eyes smiling, you just have a plastered-on grin. Stiff and uncomfortable.
  • Have a great 'camera smile'. Martha Stewart does this by raising her eyebrows a touch and smiling with lips apart, which brings the cheeks up. A slightly surprised and very HAPPY look. Practice!!!

I stress again and again... PRACTICE YOUR POSING!

Ever notice that celebrities often have the same pose in different pictures?

The reason for that is that they practice and learn the best poses for their figures and personalities.

Tape your favourite photo of yourself to a mirror and mimic the pose from that picture every time you are in front of it.

Start posing and practicing, brides-to-be and grooms-to-be.... These pictures are for your lifetime!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

White Weddings Ideas

White Weddings. Classic, elegant, fresh and beautiful.
Simple and such a timeless and gorgeous look.

Who doesn't love a beautiful cake. White on white cakes with delicate or dramatic touches keeps your cake elegant and stunning.

Who says your wedding party cannot wear white as well. A simple sash or any color added to your bridesmaid's dresses keeps you the special lady of the day, but keeps your all-white color scheme.

White centerpieces can be white flowers or white branches. Dress up with crystals to glam it up.

White feathers give a modern and fun twist to a white wedding.

All-white candy bar! Cones of candy, Clear containers displaying white smorgasborg of sweet goodness!

Keep it classy and creative. White is timeless and instant elegance.
Happy White Wedding!

Rita Wong

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jewish Wedding Customs - Fun and Special

If you know me, you know that I have planned many weddings and a huge bulk of these have been Jewish weddings.

I love the customs for the closeness of family and respect for the practices and beliefs of the Jewish people.

I even incorporated the hora and the walk halfway down the aisle with my mom and uncle, who walked for my father.

I share with you these customs, so you can have a glimpse of what these customs mean and you will appreciate the meaning as I so do.

Blessing the Challah:
Before anyone eats a morsel of food, there is a blessing made, called the HAMOTZI, over the challah bread, which is a braided egg bread. It is a thank you and appreciation of what is brought to the people. This blessing is made by the couple's parents, a rabbi, or an honored guest.

No Jewish wedding is complete without hoisting the bride and groom, and sometimes the parents on chairs. It is a circle dance, where the strong men carry the bride and groom on chairs, derived from the tradition of carrying royalty on chairs. It is lovely to have parents be honored in this fun dance, as everyone is dancing and singing to Hava Nagila or Simon Tov, Mazel Tov!

Mitzvah Dances
A mitzvah is a good deed, but it is also considered at some weddings an obligation to entertain the bride and groom. At traditional weddings, the couple is seated on chairs and guests dance before them with masks, silly costumes and fun props.

This is a very nice tradition, honoring the parents.
It is one of the concluding dances of the evening that honor parents who have married off the last child of the family. So, if you are the last to be married, your parents are seated in the middle of the dance floor, and a crown of flowers are placed on your parents' heads while friends and family dance around them, kissing them as they pass in front of them.

These are just a few of the traditions that the Jewish people practice, but are 3 of the most significant. If you have never been to a Jewish wedding, get an invite! :) The Jewish people really know how to create a beautiful and warm SIMCHA (celebration)!

Wish them "Mazel Tov" and have a blast!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty Favor Ideas!

Thank your guests with a beautiful favor.
What is inside the favor box is indeed important, but the perfect packaging makes a world of difference. After all, PRESENTATION is everything. Just the nice package itself will please all your guests. Here are a few ideas for your wedding or any event favors:

For a destination wedding, somewhere hot and balmy... palm tree favor boxes...

For a bridal shower, or beach theme wedding or event, pretty and colorful slipper...

Lovely and simple linen favor boxes, in any color to match your color scheme, with satin ribbon can hold chocolates, candy, jewles... any small gift!

For Green Weddings, organic and recycled materials, woven favor boxes:

For the princess bride at her Fairy-Tale wedding, Cinderella carriages...

Make your favor box do double duty, as being a seating card as well...

For baby shower favors, in pink or blue...

Contact Rita to get these gorgeous boxes.