Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Special Ladies in David's Bridal Dresses

As promised, here is a peek at the gorgeous ladies dressed in David's Bridal at me and Toddy's wedding. Styles to flatter any figures!

Thank you, girls. Love you always!

MAID-OF-HONOR... My girl who is always there,
Mylene DuPaul


My sister, looking so lovely,

My sister-in-law, my sweet

My sister-friend and partner-in-crime,

My cousin who always has my heart,

And, of course,
Flowergirl and my beautiful niece,

Thank you again, Mylene, Carole, Cherry, Carla, Kelly & Vanessa for being the best sisters, cousins, nieces and sister-friends ever and for helping make our day so special!

Readers, be kind to your girls who are there to support and love you on your very precious day!



David's Bridal for Your Ladies

David's Bridal is a must-see for brides when selecting dresses for the special ladies in their wedding party. Affordable and very helpful, as you can search by style and color.

They have every color under the sun and great news.... they ship to CANADA, which means, shipping the dresses will not break the bank and your ladies will surely appreciate that :)

Start your search by color and see what styles they have. Short, long, slim-fitting, A-line...
The selections are endless.

You have my own personal attestation for David's Bridal. See my next post for my beautiful ladies at my own wedding, all dressed-up in David's Bridal.



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Slim Down Diet that's EASY and will get you in that Wedding Dress!

Almost every bride wants to watch her diet and be more active to look her best for her wedding day. Some brides got to major extremes and deprive themselves of the foods they love for the many months leading up to their wedding day.

Here is an easy and healthy way of eating that is tasty and a plan you can follow for life and never gain any weight back. Check it out!

World's Healthiest Diet....