Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Inspirations!

I am so blessed to have such a happy and fulfilled life.
So many things in my life make me happy and I am grateful for all of them.

To start, my husband TODDY FLORES is sincerely my dream come true.
He is the kindest, most generous, most thoughtful and interesting person I know.
He supports & encourages me in everything I do and he makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  I swear, sometimes, I feel like I am dreaming and if I am, I hope I never wake up.

Toddy is a very successful and talented DJ who has been spinning everywhere from Montreal's hot spots to Munich, Germany to Singapore, to Las Vegas to Oslo, Norway and numerous American & Canadian cities.  He and I collaborate on events and have worked corporate parties and weddings together.  We are an AWESOME team!  

My other true love is Magnum.  Toddy's sweet 7.3 pound miniature pinscher is now my little sweetheart.  He is my baby, my friend and the sunshine of my each and everyday.  He always showers me with love and makes me laugh.  I can't imagine my life without this little guy who makes me rush home to him every day.  He is my family and we would never have gotten married without Magnum with us!  Check out his wedding tux!

photos by Enrique Launi 

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful kind words! I'm sooooooo proud of you and I know you will be successful in everything you do. Magnum and I LOVE you and we are both very lucky to have you in our lives.


    p.s. keep up the great work and don't forget to keep blogging!!!