Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Advice for Grooms : The Perfect Wedding Day!

Yes, it's her big day... but HIS too!
Advice is often given out to the bride on how to prepare and get through a very big and sometimes nervous day... but let's not forget her CO-STAR... the GROOM.

Just as the bride has many things to remember and to do, the groom has just a very significant role as well. Some believe that all the groom has to do is just shows up, but, he has a very big role in ensuring the bride's happiness, which in turn, will ensure a perfect day for both!

Empathize with the bride, grooms, and be there for her and you will have a flawless wedding day.

Here are some tips...

1) Be a gentleman. All eyes are on you. Be diplomatic, charming & keep your cool, no matter
what happens!

2) Be romantic. Never miss the opportunity to be romantic with your bride. This will not only please her and make her day that much more memorable, but it will calm her down as well. There is always time for quick kiss, some sweet words, smiles and hugs.

3) SMILE! As I said, all eyes are on you, so make sure you smile, smile, smile... and not just for pictures. Let everyone know (especially your bride), that you are the happiest man in the world.

4) When the mother-of-the-bride enters: Greet her warmly, tell her how beautiful she looks and how much you are looking forward to the day. Escort her to her seat, if possible, but if time does not permit, make sure an usher does so. Same for her father, if applicable.

5) When the BRIDE enters: This is the most important entrance. Smile at her warmly. This will relax her and make her very happy. This is the most important smile that she is looking for. This ensures her that you love her and that you are in this together. Help her make it down that aisle. When she reaches the altar, whisper to her how stunning she looks and how much you love her.

6) Be confidant. At the ceremony, be as relaxed and confidant as you can. Looking happy and
relaxed will make the bride calm and happy as well.

7) Overcome nerves. Just imagining yourself as self-assured, confidant and charming will put you in the right frame of mind and it will show. Act and be in control and that nothing can phase you!

8) After the ceremony: tell her how happy you are that she is your wife and of course, tell her over and over again how much you love her!

Rita Wong

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