Saturday, December 12, 2009

J Crew - Beautiful & Affordable Wedding Attire

I was in New York, Soho 2 weeks ago with my husband and as usual, we separated to do our own shopping. I walked and walked for hours discovering cute little boutiques and also well known retailers, like Uniqlo, Steve Madden, BCBG...etc.

Just as I was about to end that day's shopping spree, I came across J Crew, who has always offered a moderate-to-higher end selection of apparel from casual to dressy. The first thing I saw when I walked in was the big display above. J Crew now has a wedding collection and offers appointments with their wedding specialists to dress your entire wedding party... at VERY AFFORDABLE prices.

Next to the display were these 2 mannequins. Find your wedding dress, your flower-girl's dress, your maid-of-honor, bridesmaids and all the guys, young or old.

If you look at the wedding collection, you will find wedding dresses from $395 to under $1000!
They have many looks from classic to glamorous.

$995 - Silk Ottoman Vienette Gown

$425 - Silk Tricotine Avery Dress

$750 - Silk Tricotine Avery Dress

You may get everything else you need while you are there.
Be sure to check out the jewelry and accessories, as well as the beautiful selection of bridal shoes.

All affordable and all lovely!

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