Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding Gifts - The Perfect Gift Ideas for the New Couple

The perfect wedding gifts...
Here are my Top 5:

#1: Money is without a doubt, a gift that most people could use. Because weddings usually rack up a big bill, a money gift is a great way to help the couple in their financial start to a new life together. How much should you tuck away in that wedding card? Consider the venue and the level of cuisine. Ideally, you should at least cover your food and drinks.

#2: Want to give them something other than money? Couples should surely continue the celebration and have some quiet time to relax after all the wedding planning as well as to have a night to remember. Great gift idea: a night in a luxurious hotel room, with champagne, of course! Do check with parents or maid-of-honor before booking!

#3: Extra Sweet Honeymoon Details. Give the new couple gifts to make their honeymoon extra special and memorable. Perhaps a gift certificate to a great restaurant at their destination, a camera to capture all the memories, money tucked inside a guide book, a certificate for a spa, or my favourite, a surprise UPGRADE on their flights.... of course to be a surprise when they arrive at the airport!

#4: The Big Gift on the Gift Registry. Usually the bigger gifts on the couple's registry are gifts that they don't think they will actually receive. If your budget allows, get them the gift they really need and want and if you need some help, get a few others to contribute into a group gift.
This will be so appreciated.

#5: A Timeless Piece. Something that will stand the test of time and be with the couple forever is a great idea for a sentimental and different gift. Whether it is a piece of antique furniture, a crystal vase, or their invitation is a beautiful frame, this gift is sure to bring back wonderful memories and make the couple think, "That's the vase Vanessa gave us for our wedding:.

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